Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This used to be my playground.  No, seriously.  I used to occupy the "blogsdestroylives" blogspace, and then my blog destroyed my life, so I took it down.  I then kicked myself for picking such a prophetic address.  I spent one second trying to decide if I was clever or not, then concluded that I felt too miserable to be clever.  That was four years ago.

Four years later, I'm like, "Oh, that."  Loss of brain cells and general ADHD has made me marginalize that 2008 episode.  And oddly enough, reminisce, oh my gosh, I loved that blog address.  Because it's so true!  But so what?  It's also funny, and funny always beats true.

OK, so I'm back.  No names.  No faces.  Unless you know me, and then it doesn't matter.  Woot!

Oh, and this is Carole Lombard, because she has stunning bone structure, had a charming way of speaking, was the doyenne of screwball comedies, shot guns with Clark Gable, and swore like a sailor.  All that, and born Jane Peters from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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