Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Much Ado About Mulberry

The Bayswater small satchel in Oak arrived this afternoon, a present from my mother.  We sat together at a coffee house two weekends ago poring over all the lovely leather on the Mulberry site, and she generously offered to make a wish come true by sponsoring my ownership of this bag.  This was also meant to be her soft introduction to Mulberry, because if she likes what she sees, she'll invest in a cross-body Bayswater herself.

However, the unveiling of the bag was not without conflict.  My office is flanked by those of two pretty fashionable co-workers, and we immediately set about analyzing if this bag was a keeper.  We ran various diagnostics: how does it look as a cross-body? hung on a wrist? in tandem with a workbag? walking down the hall? simulated at brunch? standing idly at a bus stop? brought to a child's first birthday party? running down the hall in the courthouse? posing on a deserted corner as if being photographed for a fashion blog?  Basically, all the situations one goes through in life.  And their firm, unwavering conclusion was: it's too small.  What's $200 more, they said, return this ish and for a bit more, get the proper Bayswater, in the traditional size more like a Birkin or Kelly.

It's weird, right.  Online shopping is no different from online dating.  Or even a celebrity sighting.  It's just different in person.  In this case, smaller.  Not what I thought.

But, co-worker Audrey ("I don't know how she does it") came to the rescue when she promptly sent two critical photos.  One was of this lovely bag slung on the shoulder of none other than Nicole Richie.  Another was a fashion model posing - where else? - on a deserted corner probably being photographed for a fashion blog.  That was pretty much all the convincing I needed.  Thank God I don't have to repack this crap.

(On closer inspection, Nicole may have been wearing the Alexa... but whatever.  I'm committed.)

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